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November 15th, 2008 by

This is Undertone. Basically, it’s a website for local bands and “the scene” to distribute, discuss and review music, gigs, and whatever else you feel like. It’s in the works atm, but there will soon be demos by local bands for download, gigs in the gig db, oh the forums work though..yay – feel free to criticise the site and add your ideas there (name change mb?).

Thanks to Craig for the “I Scream” guy/zombie.

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6 Responses to “ Welcome ”

  1. craiggg2 says:

    yewww u should make the pictures so they can be bigger>>>>

  2. jacobbrett says:

    Done.. to upload an avatar go to Gravatar and use the same email you registered here with, then upload your pic.. (works with all WordPress blogs)

  3. shane says:

    either I am retarded or..the forum is broken. I can’t create/reply to any of the topics.



    I started a blog and plan to write about port mac hardcore


  4. jacobbrett says:

    Yeh I’m working on it, it’s weird.. try logging out then back in and/or clearing your cookies then it should work.. sorry

    Also, you wanna write reviews and stuff for the site?

  5. shane says:

    Yeah I think it sort of worked?

    What sort of reviews? Like music and shit? I guess I’d be down.

  6. jacobbrett says:

    Yeh, anything like that would be great.. show and music reviews and other articles/misc shit to keep it interesting

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